Sunday, 11 August 2013

Of the female kind

Ah, the complex creatures we, women, are. A beautiful mystery, an enigma and all such fancy synonyms that you can think of, I am too lazy to open a thesaurus. 
Deal with it.
Sometimes, I look at the behavioral patterns of our gender very objectively, I can imagine you shaking your perfectly coiffed head at this but I think you should be used to the randomness by now. So where was I? Yes, objective observation.
We are a random lot. We are naturally random. Being of the female kind and a passive feminist myself, I am not ashamed to admit that we are dramatically unpredictable. 
What we might like one day, we might detest the other. This unpredictability is the test of our character. We may let our 'unpredictability' (that's quite a mouthful) dictate our 'inner bitch' or we may be extremely reasonable with our 'unpredictability'.
Speaking of 'inner bitch', every female has it. We may deny it, but that doesn't change the fact that we do. Every human being has a good and a bad side, like Sirius black says, 'We've all got both light and dark inside of us. What matters is what part we choose to act on.That's who we really are.' (It's always appropriate to quote Harry Potter).
We gossip, we manipulate, we play mind games (unknowingly or knowingly) and we are confusing (deliberately so). 
This is who we are. Some choose to accept it and move on while some vehemently deny the existence of these factors in our life. Once again the degree of these characteristics vary from one woman to another, and it determines who we really are.
We are emotional. That is what primarily sets us apart from the male species of our kind.
This is one of the reasons why we are very complex decision makers. No, I am not being chauvinistic here, we have a hard time seeing things as black and white, we always find the grey, no I am not referring to Christian Grey (Yes, you should realize by now that I am extremely lame).
While our emotional tendencies may make us look weak, we are extremely strong emotionally too. Confusing, I know.
We are much better equipped to handle high powered emotional situations than men, who are comically rendered weak at the sight of tears. 
Society expects us to conform to certain ideas. Women belong at home. 
A lot of feminists protest against this singular idea. I say different.
What is so 'weak' about managing a home? I think it is perhaps the strongest and the most powerful role a women can play. She has the responsibility of shaping the lives of the future of mankind ( I am being a little dramatic. Deal with it.). She takes care of the so called 'Stronger kind', and she does so without receiving any kind of renumeration.
I detest those feminists who look down on these house wives and haughtily brand them as 'weak'. Our society would collapse if we leave the managing of the day to day businesses to men. 
I know I am severely biased towards anything Harry Potter, but this idea is well perpetuated by J.K Rowling with the character of Mrs. Weasely.
Molly Weasely is your typical matronly figure. Her only concern is raising her children well and managing a happy household. And she does so with great ease. But that is not all that she is. You may mistake her to be frumpy and cast her aside as 'weak' but you threaten her children and she WILL kick your ass, (remember Bellatrix?).
Stereotyping anyone is wrong, and it applies in this case too.
One more issue that plagues the female species is the Body Image issue. 
The society is unashamedly biased towards a favorable body image ie. skinny, clear skin, long hair, big eyes and conventionally beautiful looks.
Once in a while, there is an uproar about ditching these ideas and embracing the 'real' woman. But this dies as soon as it begins. However much we try to convince others that these ideas do not dictate our ideas of beauty and perfection, we are just kidding ourselves. We always judge a book by it's cover. This does not make us a bad person, once again this is where the difference lies. Some people refuse to look beyond the outward appearance of a person, while for others looks our not the only parameter of judging a person.
This rant of mine can continue forever, but I know you have better things to do (yeah right, you are imaginary, you have nothing better to do!).
Stay strong.
River Targaryen

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