Wednesday, 12 June 2013

I was bored.

Dear Henri,
If my brain hasn't stewed to a heated mush in this awful summer heat, then thank the lord for His small mercies.
Moving on from the gross description of the possible state of my brain right now, let me get to a very pressing issue. Boredom.
Having nothing to do and sit around the whole day in an air conditioned room, freedom to watch as much TV as you want, sounds like a dream. At least it did to me.
But as much as I try to deny it, I have contracted the worst possible phenomenon a teenager can face. Boredom. Sheer boredom has been eating my brain and making me weep endlessly in frustration, since the onset of these vacations. 
And believe me, I have tried everything. I have read through all my books, watched all movies which were unseen and watched them again, re-watched Friends over and over again. The boredom got to such extremes that I (you might want to sit down while reading this one) I even tried to EXERCISE!.
Shocking, I know.
So with painfully aching muscles from my valiant, yet ultimately failed, efforts at working out, I write this letter to you, oh imaginary friend (possibly French and a Chris Hemsworth look-alike at that) , with great pains. I am bored.
To others it might seem a fickle matter. 'Go out and explore' they say. These 'others' don't know how hard it is to get motivated and leave Doctor Who or to put aside a book and go out and enjoy the delights the great outside has to offer. 
Us lazy people, we are stuck wallowing in the dark pit, that is boredom.
Cringing everytime I hear the word 'sports', I am a creature who is happiest when crying over a dying Arthur (Spoilers!) or shouting insults at the demons of Supernatural. 
Contrary to popular belief, boredom comes rarely to people of my kind. We are so happy in our little worlds, fighting over different ships (to the uninitiated, ships are two real or fictional characters paired together romantically by fans), discussing the possibility of the Doctor existing in real life and of course, planning the inevitable zombie apocalypse.
What I'm trying to say here is that, we rarely have time to get bored. But here I am. Bored.
You may guess the state of my mind by my inane ramblings. 
This has prevented me from enjoying the blissful time that is these vacations, and wallow in self pity. But no more.
I have made it my mission to destroy the dark force that is this boredom and ENJOY the rest of my freedom, from college and what not.
Even if it means reading trashy romance novels, or having a superhero movie marathon.
So for now, this is it. I will return to Chris Hemsworth and his biceps, while you can go back to doing whatever non existent, imaginary people do over the summer.
May the Force be with you.

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